What is Philippine Slam!?

The Philippines is described as a basketball country with the PBA as the center of it all. So what do you get when you combine the PBA with Pinoy’s penchant for mobile phone? The answer is Philippine Slam!! an action packed basketball game for android and soon in ios mobile devices.

The game is a 2 vs 2 game featuring our very own favorite PBA teams and players.

Feature List
Philippine Slam!! features a 2 vs 2 basketball game which offer players an action packed and exaggerated play style where players can jump, shoot and make slam dunks that defy human capabilities. Players can perform different aerial acrobatics and special moves as you do slam dunks.

Current Features
  • 2 vs 2 whole court basketball game
  • Action packed and exaggerated gameplay.
  • Jump beyond human capabilities and perform awesome Slam dunks!
  • No Fouls!
  • Get ELECTRIFIED and perform even more awesome dunks!
  • Funny Tagalog-English commentator
  • Choose and play as one of the current PBA teams

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Philippine Slam!! is the official game app of the Philippine Basketball Association. Philippine Slam!! is a quirky and exciting basketball mobile game reminiscent of the old NBA Jam title featuring all of your beloved PBA superstars. Experience the thrill and excitement as you square off on a 2v2 full court match. Choose your favorite team and battle it out against rival franchises on 3 different conference championships.

Win all three championships and you will get the PBA Grand Slam Trophy for your team!

The game features unrealistic and exaggerated gameplay making it a unique mix of fun and excitement. Filled with witty commentary and banter, the game will surely keep players—both PBA and non-PBA aficionados—on their toes.

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